On our website, you will find books and printable learning activities based on different medical illnesses for your child.

Our coloring books are created with appealing cartoon images that will keep the child's attention drawn to the images and storyline, while enhancing their learning with added games such as connect the dots, mazes, puzzles, matching, fill in the blanks, and much more.

Our printable learning fun flash card sets provide instant access to medical related topics to help your child learn, understand, and hopefully cope with their treatments.

Topics we cover are:

  • Burns
  • Cavities & Dental Check-up
  • Cystic Fibrosis
  • Tonsillitis
  • Diabetes

Future Books

Complete illustrated books are considered large projects, thus these are reserved for long term illnesses such as Burns, Cystic Fibrosis, Diabetes, Cancers, and common children diseases such as Asthma, Autism, Dental caries, Candidiasis ("Thrush"), Chagas disease, Chickenpox, Diphtheria, Duchenne muscular dystrophy, Fifth disease, Rickets, Congenital Heart Disease, Influenza, Leukemia, Measles, Molluscum contagiosum, Mumps, Osgood-Schlatters disease, Polio, Rheumatic fever, Roseola, Rubella, Sever's disease, Tetanus, Whooping cough, Hepatitis A, Fever, Hand Disease, Foot Disease, Mouth Disease, Scarlet fever (Scarletina), ADD, ADHD, Mono, Kawasaki disease, and Lyme Disease are just a few common childhood diseases reserved for complete coloring books.

Flash Cards

  • Cavities- Explanation/Definition
  • Cavities- Fillings
  • Cavities- Teeth Cleaning
  • Cavities- Root Canal
  • Chest X-rays
  • Shots-Booster or muscle

Topics below will be coming soon in the form of Flash Cards with learning activities:

Port-a-catheter- surgically implanted for long term illnesses and cancer patients. Children have an extreme fear of the medication administration process.

Hickman Catheter, PICC lines, External Central Venous Catheter Infusion Port, Mediport, Norport, Groshong port Total Parenteral Nutrition, Parenteral Nutrition, Home TPN Surgical Procedures, Play activities for fluid intake, deep breathing, range of motion exercises, use of extremities, soaks, injections, and ambulation General Hygiene Care, Bathing, Oral Hygiene, Hair Care (lice), Feeding sick child, controlling elevated temperatures, Safety-infection control, airborne precautions, droplet precautions, contact precautions, Restraints-used with kids with artificial airway adjunct, indwelling catheters, tubes, drains, sutures, Restraints- elbow, soft wrist, arm, leg, jacket, Lumbar puncture, Bone Marrow Aspiration/Biopsy, Urine specimen-clean catch, 24 hour collection, Bladder Catheterization-straight catheter, Foley catheter, Stool specimen, Blood specimen, Naso-gastric, Oro-gastric administration, Gastronomy and Ostomies, Gastronomy feeding, Optic, Otic, Nasal administration, Enemas, Glucose test, intramuscular needle shots, Radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hydrotherapy, respiration therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, Medication administration